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When it comes to videography, there are so many options to choose from. So you are probably asking why you should choose us. Well, the answer is simple. At Midland Visuals, we are one of the only videography businesses in the West Midlands to strictly offer only corporate video solutions, we are also the only IAV accredited company around that offers focused corporate solutions.

Did You Know.....

Nowadays, when you hire somebody to capture your message, you are generally hiring a videographer. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and many videographers are very capable, but is a videographer the right choice to get across a corporate message? Well, the answer there is no.

OK, so at this point, you are probably thinking, but aren’t Midland Visuals a videography company? Well, while as a company we are known under the guise of videography. Our camera work is always carried out by a cinematographer.

Now you are thinking…so what, there is no difference! Well, while it may seem that way, the truth is, there is A LOT of difference.

To put things simply the difference between the two is huge. You wouldn’t hire a cook to do a chefs job would you? Well the same goes for cinematography. While videography is simply capturing video. Cinematography is all about the art, the science and building a vision. So if you want to get the right message across for your business, choose Midland Visuals.

Focused Service

Here at Midland Visuals, we don't juggle multiple projects and do this job as a hobby. Video is what we do and when it's your job, that is our sole focus
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Corporate Only

It seems that no matter where you look, videographers dabble in all fields. Well, at Midland Visuals we are different. Here at MVP you will find that we know how to promote a business and its products using video, so that is all we do.
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We Are Always On Time

Whether you order our 24-hour service or a corporate package with the strictest of deadlines, we will deliver on time, every time.
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Something For Everybody

The beauty of being corporate-focused is that we deal with businesses of every size. So no matter what your size or budget, we are sure to have a service for you.
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Eye For Detail

When it comes to video, it's more than a job, it's a passion. Here at Midland Visuals, we offer a unique take on your vision and we know that we can offer you something that you won't get anywhere else.
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Budget Friendly

When it comes to budget, we know sometimes it can be tough. So we make sure we get to know you and your budget and put together a bespoke package for your needs. After all, no two jobs will ever be the same.
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You Deserve the best

When it comes to your corporate video, we know you deserve the very best. Here at Midland Visuals we offer cutting edge solutions to ensure that you get the very best service possible.

Whether you need something capturing from the air, or on terra firma, we have got you completely covered, oh and if you aren't sure what you need, give us a call today and we will happily have a little chat and see if we can get your creative juices flowing.

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